FormsDeck WhatsApp form is an online web form that allows users to enter data and submit the data to a predefined WhatsApp number.

Step 1: The user fills and submits the form

Step 2: Data sent to WhatsApp

Step 3: Begin the chat with Customer

Here is a demo of a WhatsApp form made using FormsDeck 👉 Demo

How does this work?

Create your WhatsApp form using FormsDeck by signing up for an account and crafting your form. Provide the WhatsApp number where you’d like to receive the data. Share the form’s link with your customers. Once submitted, the form responses will be delivered as chat messages from the customer’s WhatsApp number.

These chat messages are sent through the WhatsApp API. The data will be routed to the appropriate app, depending on the user’s device. If the customer submits the form via their mobile device, the API will send the data to the WhatsApp mobile app. On the other hand, if they are using a laptop or desktop, the API will route the data to the WhatsApp web app.